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    Workflow KeyLight Before Color correction?

    rowby Level 1

      WHat is the best workflow when working in green screen.


      Should the color removal (green screen). in Keylight  come before any color correction?


      In this specific case I am dealing with a medium shot of a person. Talking head, not much movement.


      I assume getting rid of the green screen should come first since then I am only am dealing with the remaining image (specifically the medium shot of the person.)  For example, I need to enhance the hue a bit on the person's face, and it seems to me that first getting rid of the green, making it alpha/transparent, first makes sense.


      Or does it?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          rowby wrote:


          ...seems to me that first getting rid of the green, making it alpha/transparent, first makes sense.


          Or does it?


          Generally - yes, but you may find situations, where pre-key adjustments are unavoidable. The real question is, whether the green is green enough, if you get my meaning. There may be situations, where you need to compensate for insufficient lighting or color shifts from non-ideal lighting conditions (sunlight shifting colors, for instance). In those cases, you would try to clean up the green as much as you can without regard to the rest of the footage - as long as they facilitate generating a clean matte, nobody will mind. Once you have gnerated a proper Alpha, it is easy to introduce it into an untreated footage via matte modes and channel operations. That's the one thing you should keep in mind. In most cases of course you will want to do a direct key and if there is enough contrast, there should be no problems. Indeed you would then do the color correction after the key. This also applies to compressed footage like HDV or AVCHD - any pre-key corrections may in fact have an adverse effect and make things harder, as they also increase the intensity of artifacts. Anyway, all theory aside, you only know when you try. The more you do this stuff, the better wil lyou be able to gauge what's required.