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    Imported video plays for few seconds, audio continues, help!


      This, as many can imagine, is so very frustrating to me. When i drag the imported video to the timeline in PE 7.0, if i try playing it, the video and audio both begin as expected but after 2-3 seconds the video freezes as the audio continues. The program does not freeze up at all during this. The imported clips are in .avi form, from a sony handycam (DCR HC26 if that helps). The video and audio play fine together on WMP and such, but this is so very frustrating to search through forums for similar problems. i read about codecs and such, and have no idea what the heck that is, i need a very simple explanation. i have installed and run (i believe) gspot v2.21 and when i click on the stat bar, it says that it is a valid .avi file. Please help (with simple steps)!!