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    Buttons don't work on external .swf

    bschneid Level 1

      I have a container .swf file which takes care of loading a menu.swf and maincontent.swf.  I finally got these working together and loading at the same time, but now I ran into another problem.  None of the menu buttons work.  It loads and XML takes care of creating the buttons and adding dynamic text to them.  I also have it set up so that the mouse's hover position over the clip scrolls it horizontally (because there are too many buttons to show at once).  All of this functionality works correctly.  However, the buttons' rollovers, clicks, etc. do not register.


      The cursor turns into the hand cursor over the entire movie clip into which the menu is loaded, and I'm assuming there is some problem with the events only targeting the clip it is loaded in, and not the buttons themselves.  It works fine when testing it by itself.  I've just recently begun working with Flash, and I learned AS3.  However, I was given pre-existing commercial software to work with which was written in AS2, and now I've converted all of my work, and this is the problem I am running into.  By the way, it seems to always come up from what I've seen, though I don't understand much about it -- _lockroot is set to true.