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    Can't save my file.

    Sandra A. Stark

      I have Acrobat 9.  Using OC 10.5.7.  When I try to save my Adobe file I get a system error 51.  The file is large (175 pages) but I never had a problem with earlier versions of Acrobat.  Serious issue.  I have deadlines.  Many thanks for any advice.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a file permissions problem. You can use Disk Utilities to fix permissions. You can also try to save it in a different location. Sometime I find Acrobat Pro 9 under 10.5.x thinks I'm root, when the OS knows that I am not and it tries to have me save in root's Document Folder or Desktop..

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            Sandra A. Stark Level 1

            Hi Michael,

            I think you may be right.  I tried saving in a different location and that didn't work.  Then I discovered permission problems with some files.  I'm adding file by file and saving after each one to see if that works.

            Many thanks,