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    Annoying Text component.

    toft Level 1


      I have a class with a function that dynamicly creates some Text components and sets their properties. This works fine. They turn up where they should.


      However, the e.target.x property in the event handler returns 0 for all the Text components. When testing e.target.width and e.target.toString() I get correct, individual values.




      Is this a bug ??



      Simplified code:









      function createLeftBoard():void







           for(var i:int = 0; i < 6; i++)







                var t:Text = new Text();


                t.width = _w + i; // adding i to width here for debugging purposes

                t.x = _x;


                _x += _w;

                t.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, assignPoints);








      // this doesnt work because e.target.x returns 0 for all components:



      private function assignPoints(e:Event):void


           sh_marker.x = e.target.x;

           sh_marker.visible =