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    Kuler API Changes

    Tim Strickland Level 1
      Hello folks, we have some updates for developers using the Kuler API:

      *API keys and new API*
      We are updating the kuler APIs to use a developer key system. We are implementing this for future features and functionality, as well as additional security.

      What do you need to do?
      1. Apply for a key at http://kuler.adobe.com/api/
      2. Update your APIs to the new APIs starting September 18, to keep your kuler colors flowing. The current APIs will stop returning requests on October 15. See the new APIs here.

      *Adobe Developer Connection*
      Kuler is now out of Adobe Labs, so check out the new Kuler area on Adobe Developer Connection. Once registered, you can find your API key information here.

      *Kuler code*
      Visit the new discussion forum for our developers: Kuler code. Post your Kuler-colored applications, ask questions, etc. The Kuler talk forum will be for general, non-dev discussion.

      *Show off your application*
      We have listed the Kuler API applications that we know of under Samples. If you have come up with something new, let us know on Kuler code.