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    can't follow links in reader 9


      I have a graphical application that relies heavily on the ability to click on a graphical symbol and follow a link to another pdf file.  In adobe reader 9, this no longer works.  When I hover over the graphical symbol, the path shows in the yellow baloon, but when I click, it pops up a security warning message box asking if I really want to follow the link.  When I click yes, the box goes away, but the link is not followed.  I remain in the original pdf document.


      This is running under win XP pro and runs inside MS Internet Explorer.  I have used this application for 2 years without problem, and now it doesn't work anymore because someone thought I needed protecting from myself.  :-(


      I have wasted huge numbers of hours fiddling with the various security options, which is a major pain, because I have to exit EI and run reader manually to get access to the security prefernces menus.  So I run IE, it doesn't work, I exit IE and run reader by itself.  I fiddle with settings.  I exit reader.  I run IE.  It still doesn't work.  I am extremely frustrated, because it is a security risk for me to downgrade back a version of reader that works, but the present version is no better than a brick for doing what I need.


      Can anybody help me set up all the preferences so that I can follow a simple link in a pdf file to another pdf file.  All the files are on my own computer.  I am not even going out over the network at all.





      H E L P    P L E A S E    !  !  !