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    'two swf' It is urgent pls help me


      i have put two swf in one parent using <mx:SwfLoader>, both swf's having 'olapDataGrid' for diffrent-2 purpose. during the running of  the application the 'style manager' will give the error, when i have run those appliction under diffrent-2 parent applictions, both are running perfectully, without any 'style manager' problem. pls help me why those 'swf's' creating problem if i run within one parenty appliction????

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          Gaurav J Adobe Employee

          whats the error that you get?


          If I have to guess then you might be running into class loading issues (which may be causing a conflict between the two definitions). Try defining (add an import and define a variable of type) the StyleManager (or the manager class which is giving you the error) in the main app.



          Gaurav Jain

          Flex SDK Team