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    Hx's beta test thread


      Grats on getting the beta out guys!! I know you all work really hard. I am starting this thread as a place for me to keep a record of my experiences as I learn and use the software. Hopefully I can help you make the product better by providing lots of feedback. Any reporting utilities that you think I should get that would help?

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          TheHx Level 1

          Install went off without a hitch. Attaching DxDiag report for system reference.

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            TheHx Level 1

            Messed around for a while last night. I must say I enjoy the software. Made my first custom button with states. One thing I noticed, after having watched all the media on the web generated out of the earlier preview release, is that the HUD is different now. I found out when looking for the object properties after first drawing the rectangle and then looking for the color pallete. In the preview version, the color pallette seems to be in the HUD, where as now those properties appear in the lower right hand window. I would suggest a list of changes be added for each version released. All the major MMO games do this (nerd comparisons... glee) and it really helps users to keep track of a highly complex environment. Also, I find that it seems to have some latency on my system. It clicks a little clunky if that makes sense. That's all I have after first use.


            Sweet Beta!!



            easy notes:

            1. List of feature changes/developments per version

            2. Tooltip response latency

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              Mordy Golding Level 3

              Yeah, the HUD has been updated since it first appeared in the previews Adobe had shown at MAX, etc. I know there was a lot of feedback about what should or should not go in the HUD (or even if there needs to be a HUD at all). In any case, I do agree that moving forward, Adobe should have some kind of document that states all the things that are new/modified, etc.



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                TheHx Level 1

                Hullo again,


                It's been a while but I am back and have been using the Beta2 product extensively lately. I love it. Still needs work and more features but it's a great product. Very useful.


                The main bug that I want to report here is that when I am using FC, if I have the left click mouse button depressed, and accidentaly hit the right mouse button at the same time, this results in the left mouse button losing functionality. I can no longer left click on anything in the app. Further, when that happens and I try to exit, the app hangs.


                Anything I can do to get you a stronger bug report?



                Also, I noticed that when I copy an element from inside an object... lets see... I had gone into the data list I had made that I customized with various controls. One of those was a slider... I copied the slider and then went back to the top level to place it. Once placed, I tried to edit the length and make it longer. When I did that, it resulted in all the slider elements in the data list also being edited to the new length.


                That's all I got for now. Now that I am using it more I will be able to give more reports here.


                Thanks for an awesome product!

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                  Hi Mr. HX,


                  I've had a similar inheritance problem as the one you spoke about with scroll bars. However, mine is with scroll panels. When I duplicate a state, lets say six times, and try to edit the text box of each state, all the states text boxes get edited.



                  It was helpful to see someone else experiencing inheritance issues. Now I know it's not just me.





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                    Nate B. Level 2

                    HX, check out this thread for my explanation on why changes you're making to the slider definition are affecting all instances of the slider:

                    I've duplicated a state 6 times. Can't edit each scrolling text box seperatly. Why?


                    We don't support resizing of skinned components or constraint-based layouts for Fc 1.0, so as you've discovered, you have to edit the skin of your components for simple things like changing the size of a slider.  That means that if you want to have a skinned slider be different sizes on 2 different pages, you actually need to have 2 different sliders.