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    Automatic Marker Placement on TImeline by examining:  differences or changes in scene


      Hi everyone, I have a rather interesting request. I would like to know if Premier CS4 will detect scene changes where the footage has not stopped. Like an automatic scene detect, where there is no tape or footage gaps. Basically I have some DVX footage, some canon and some AVCHD footage. They are part of some 20,  45 minute lecture presentations on poverty. The presentations also contain power point slides which I filmed separately. I want to swap the slides, which look sharper, with the footage. There are about a thousand in the entire work flow. I have filmed the slide presentation separately so I can see when the slides change, but it would be a lot easier and efficient for me, if Premier could sence the scene or slide changes and put up a marker point, for which Icould then throw the slides down onto.

      Currently I am examining the footage and scrubbing to find the transition then inputting an unnumbered marker on the time line. It takes a really long tie to do this. THere is a sharp change from slide to slide.

      It would be a dream if there is a way.


      Thank You