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    Title fades in Premiere CS4


      Hi all, sorry if this has been asked, but the search function seems to search every forum there is and is quite useless.  I've been using PE 4 but I'm fed up with it randomly crashing and since I can get CS4 master suite for a great price with an education discount I'm checking out the Premiere CS4 trial.  What I'm wondering is if there is an easy way to do titling effects in CS4 like in PE4.  In other words, in Elements I can select a piece of title text and tell it to fade in by line or by letter for instance with a "pre-packaged" effect.  Can this be done in CS4?  I guess it doesn't really matter in the end since I just remembered master suite comes with after effects which I'm guessing can do that, but I'd think Premiere CS4 could do something like this that the "cheapo" $100 program can?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I don't know PE, but PR can't do this automatically. You need to do it by hand, using crop, opacity, motion and the like, or as you stated, use AE.

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            flyinion Level 1

            Ok thanks, if after effects can do this I'd be cool with that since it would come with master suite.  PE crashing on me is just really gettign annoying, even doing it during encoding randomly.  I read PE 7 has similar problems so I figure why not go pro and get the non-dumbed down version.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              A move I completely understand, but that still leaves the problem that PE is crashing with some regularity and that should not happen. There is no guarantee that you will not encounter similar problems with PR or any of the other applications. There may be something amiss with your system to cause these crashes, and personally, I would like to find the culprit, so it will not happen again in the future. I suggest you look in the PE forum and try to figure out what could be amiss.

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                flyinion Level 1

                I've had it happen on both 32 and 64 bit Vista and with 2 different sets of RAM.  From what I've read it's not an uncommon phenomenon for PE4 to just randomly crash out.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  PrPro CS4 is a pretty drastic step up from PE4. For one thing, you've probably noticed that the Timeline is a lot different. You also seem to have noticed that some things that were automatic (or nearly so) in PE appear to be missing in PrPro. Instead of a semi-automatic Fade-in/Fade-Out, one has two simple ways of addressing the Title issue:


                  1.) add appropriate Transitions to the Titles - note with many, they can be applied "open-ended," i.e. to just one end of one Clip (your Title).


                  2.) you can easily Keyframe almost anything in your Title with Effects. The standard Effects, like Motion and Opacity can be manipulated this way. All sorts of other Effects can be added and also Keyframed. With just a bit of experience, you will see that Keyframing in PrPro is much easier and much more complete, than in PE. For me, it's night and day.


                  Also, you do not have the semi-automatic Title Animations in PrPro, that you do in PE. However, you are not limited to just a few little (and glitchy) animations. With Motion>Scale and Motion>Position, your Title animations can be infinitely customized. Also, you are no longer limited to just applying these Title Animations to one line of text in a multi-line Title. You now have complete control.


                  There is far less automatic, or semi-automatic editing in PrPro. PE is what I call a "big button" program. It does much with just the push of one button.  It does it nicely, however, it is very limited in what it can do. PrPro has no such limitations, but the user does need to learn how to do these things.


                  I added PE4 to my toolbox and have explored it. I have PrPro already, and only rely on PE for a few things. I find that PrPro is much more intuitive, and infinitely more powerful. I think that I would actually have liked PE3 a bit more, since its Timeline was closer to that of PrPro. Were I in a position to buy the Master Collection at an affordable price, and was willing to do a bit of reading and study, there would be no question in my mind on which way to go - PrPro in a heartbeat.


                  The learning curve is not at all bad. I had a bigger learning curve when I added PE4. Do spend time with the manual and the Help files, as you will encounter some new names for things. Also, some things are located in different places and because of the greater flexibility and power, will look different than the PE counterpart. Also note that the names and terms used in PrPro are industry standards. Those in PE have been altered to make them easier to understand. Get the names down first, then get the "lay of the land." Read the manual twice, so that more of it makes sense and also pour over the Help files (available as a PDF on the installation disc - think this is still correct for CS4, but check that part out.) Then, reading many of the articles here will get you up and running. Also see the PrPro-wiki. The FAQ sections and the tutorials will have you editing faster than in PE in no time. For other questions, just post here.


                  Good luck,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    That's a very good point. I run PE4 on a laptop, although a robust one. I have never had any problems with PE4, but will admit that I use it far, far less than I do PrPro on the same computer. Projects are much smaller, so I'm not really stressing that program.


                    I'd recommend addressing the crashing issues first, and the PE forum is a great place to start. Their FAQ and Tips & Tricks section is a very good resource for performance issues. I'd also post all computer specs (more is better) when posting to the PE forum. Someone can help you there. Also, this will help PrPro run more efficiently and with more stability.


                    Good luck,



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                      flyinion Level 1

                      Thanks guys, besides the Premiere trial I've downloaded the After Effects trial as well and found some video tutorials that should get me started.  As far as PE4 crashing I think I may have figured out what the problem is.  It's likely either that I'm working with very large (I think at least) projects and even though I have 4GB of RAM and a 64bit OS that PE4 is not able to use all of it.  Or it's possibly a codec issue for the video I'm working with.  Most of my work, well all of it to this point, involves using the FRAPs software which uses it's own proprietary AVI codec, and I use it to record "footage" from inside video games like World of Warcraft.  The videos are 1680x1050 and run about 4GB for 2 minutes of video at that size with typically 5-8 minutes of video for a project plus separate audio.  I haven't had any issues yet with the full version of Premiere though.  The crash is usually while choosing text or video effects though and I think is related to the thumbnail preview PE4 gives of the effect so I may see if there's a way to turn that off.


                      Anyway, I will likely just end up getting the master suite on the education discount.  Premiere CS4 seems fairly easy to pickup other than figuring out the new terminology.  After Effects is going to require me watching some tutorials though.  Using my limited title knowledge from PE4 I spent about an hour plus to finally get a line of text to fade the way I'd want it to, and that was mostly stumbling through the effects stuff.  It only took me about 2 minutes of that to figure out how to just make the static text.