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    Using mix of Flex and Papervision3d

    Richard_Abbott Level 3

      Hi all,

      still pursuing the 3d chart idea, this time with Papervision3d components (what I need is a 3d occupancy chart, ie vertical columns showing number and/or % occupancy of specific x-y bins, sometimes used in cycle counting problems). With PV3d is is very easy to set up axis walls, column blocks, views from a specific location etc, so that part of the problem is easily solved.

      However, PV3d has a tendency to want to take over the whole screen area thus making it difficult to mix regular Flex components with the 3d part. The application as a whole consists of some selectors (to pick database calls, visual options etc) plus one of a number of chart displays appropriate to the problem. It is no problem to select some data and then plot some of it on a line chart, other bits on an x-y plot, etc, but so far I have not worked out how to mix a 3d plot area in simply as one part of the whole. Basically, I am trying to keep the PV3d-controlled part restricted to just being a child of one panel within a larger container, and it keeps wanting to sit in the middle of the whole screen area.

      Thoughts and suggestions very welcome,