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    Re: 4.1 - Is it safe yet to re-install Premiere CS4?

    Deemac1965 Level 1


      I was one of the unlucky ones who couldn't persuade CS4 to render ANYTHING out of Adobe Media Encoder!!


      Eventually just went back to CS3 which works just fine (after a huge amount of time wasting and hassle!!!)


      Does the 4.1 update fix this issue?

      Is it safe to re-install CS4? (My beta testing days are now over).


      Any advice / experiences?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I would say yes, but then I don't try to edit any form of esoteric material. For me it is DV, HDV and XDCAM-EX/HD. Nothing ripped of the internet, YouTube, a mobile phone and other unsuitable sources, which often cause grief.

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            Deemac1965 Level 1

            Mmmm, original HDV all the way at this end Harm (and just what are you suggesting?)

            - Though I do post material on Youtube.


            Back on topic please:

            Anyone who had issues with CS4 AME rendering who has now installed 4.1 with success?


            Any takers?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I'm suggesting that people who import material ripped from YouTube - apart from the legality of such actions - are inviting disaster to strike, people who use a mobile phone and expect to edit that in a HDV project without consequences are similar noobs, that haven't they fainest idea what video editing is about and often have not read the manual, since their pirated version does not have it.


              I'm also suggesting that you do not belong to that category of nitwits/noobs/pirates/etc. and if you are like me editing suitable material there is nothing to stop you from using CS4. Using HDV material all the time is a situation where you may benefit from the added capabilities of CS4. Posting on YouTube is not relevant for using CS4, apart from the encoding with AME. What bothers me is people ripping YouTube material, made by others like you, to which they have no right, and then start complaining that Adobe PR has bugs and they need to fix it asap, because their pirated version does not handle that material in the way they expected.


              I have not yet encountered problems with AME 4.1.0, it runs smooth as silk and shows improved performance, although not as noticeable as the project loading improvements.

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                Powered by Design Level 4
                I have seen an improvement with update 4.1 with HDV
                At this point my computer is still to slow to edit HDV and is only working with SD for now.
                But I did see it get better where as before I couldn't even play the HDV file.  Now it plays but not in real time.
                My system is old for CS4 and I plan to build a new system soon.
                Harm has a really good article on building a new system.
                Here is the specs for my current system:
                Dell XPS  2005
                Windows XP  32bit
                Media Center Edition
                Version 2002
                Service Pack 3
                Single Core Pentium 4 CPU 3.4 GHz with Hyperthreading
                3 GB of RAM
                NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT  1024MB
                If your system is better the upgrade should help.
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                  Deemac1965 Level 1

                  Harm, while I applaud your pirate bashing vitriol, it wasn't my intention for my thread to go down this well trodden path. I had assumed from the many previous threads on this board that I was not alone with the issues that upgrading from Production Suite CS3 to CS4 inflicted on me. I may add I never had any problems installing CS4, applying the patches or even editing with the software. It just would not output ANYTHING!! (how useful its that then?), so I uninstalled it and re-installed CS3 (on a Vista based machine that runs CS3 quite happily).


                  I have now learnt a few very valuable lessons.


                  1. Do not update as a reflex to all the hype and latest gizmo's on offer. (and in all reality 97% are not of real relevance anyway!!)


                  2. Wait at least to after a few major update releases (bug fixes) with all your main weapons of choice (software) - Learnt this one via Coreldraw!


                  3. Do a full system backup that can be re-installed if a lovely mess is created.


                  4. Though, through my experience with Adobe Photoshop I had a very good vibe about Adobe as a company to produce very solid and reliable software, DO NOT trust them with anything to do with video editing software for a very, very long time!!


                  5. Keep a close eye on boards like these for customer / user feedback.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    I agree with your statements.


                    It often is better to wait for a stable patch to come out instead of getting a .0 release. It is also true that PR seems to be the prodigal son in the Adobe family. But with the release of 4.1 it seems that Adobe finally got it partly right. Sure, there are still things that can be improved, but that is always the case.


                    Anyway, I haven't noticed any noticeable shortcomings in CS4 4.1 over previous versions, only improvements. It seems they lived up to their claims this time. Of course, I haven't tested everything yet, the time was too short and our systems differ, so what works in my case, may not work in yours, but I think now be be a good time to make the switch from CS3 to CS4.


                    Did you ever figure the cause of your problems with CS4?

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                      don solomon Level 1

                      You are asking a question wihich can only be answered by yourself.  Certainly not being able to run anything out through AME is a major problem, but the vast amjority of the complaints about AME in 4.0 and 4.o1 had to do with slowness--sometimes horrendous rendering times.


                      Part of that was inherent and part was due to configuration differences (or deficiencies).  My suspicion is that yours has a root in your configuration compatibility--yes, I know that is often a far too easy explanation.  But I recall very few posts other than yours that made that specific complaint--there may have been a couple of others, but it was very rare, and that suggests a problem with compatibility.  My terms for that are  'winning or losing the configuration compatibility lottery'.  But AME has certainly been improved for the better overall--much faster on my configuration, for sure.


                      Only you can determine if the changes made to AME will now be compatible with your configuration.  No one else can tell you if it is safe. You won't really know until you try it.

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                        Deemac1965 Level 1

                        Chaps, thanks for all your responses so far. You are probably right, I probably will not find out unless I re-install CS4 and try it for myself. I was just dipping my toe in the water, so to speak to get a general reaction to 4.1. (had hoped someone else would be the guinea pig!!)


                        Harm, no I never did find out why my particular system had this problem. All the finest at Adobe were unable to solve my own issues. (though they were reasonably helpful once I got past the "idiot zone" usual initial questions)

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Judging from the posts (so not first-hand experience here), it looks like 4.1 is being very well-received. Other than some downloading/updating problems, everyone seems to be happy. The only discent, so far, has involved some features not being included, where folk hoped they would be.


                          Have not read any horror stories yet, and there has been a ton of discussion. If you are concerned, you are doing the right thing by asking for first-hand info. So far, that looks good for 4.1.


                          Good luck, and please report,