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    Campus Tours sites of the day - how do they use Captivate?




      I'm new to Captivate and am still figuring out which situations it might be easier to use it rather than building something in Flash. I can see that quizzes, screen-casts and scenarios are obvious places. But I've also been looking at the first two 'Site of the Day' examples in the Adobe Captivate showcase (the campus tours of AI Philadelphia and Berklee College of Music) and I can't see how they would have used Captivate to produce them.


      The examples are both very nice promotional presentations about universities and they look great - nice internal popups with videos, images etc. I understand that you could build widgets to provide these kind of features but I don't understand what the benefit would then be of importing these in to Captivate rather than just building it in Flash.  Am I missing something obvious?  Do people use Captivate for storyboarding and then move into Flash?


      Any advise would be appreciated. I do love Captivate so far but am not sure how to put it to use most effectively.