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    viewstacks problem




      I have a problem in viewstacks .

      its like this, have a main.mxml file and 3 diferent mxml file as Java.mxml,C++.mxml,Flex.mxml.


      I need to load that different mxml files in main.mxml file when click relavant button.



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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          And your problem is? Are those three other mxml files components or


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            *Prashant Shelke* Level 4

            I think your structure like this:


                      <view:Comp1 />// Java.mxml, components stored in different files.

                      <view:Comp2 />//C++.mxml,

                      <view:Comp3 />// Flex.mxml.


            On click of specific button you can set viewStack.selectedIndex = 0 // for Comp1 & so on...

            If you are still facing problem of Component not yet initailize u can try creationPolicy="all" but which will be increase your application loading time.