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    PPro CS4.1.0 comments

    akribie Level 2

      Just installed 4.1.0 upgrade.


      Tried VOB import with PAL VOBs.  Picture fine.  No audio.  Anyone else done any better?


      Tried still image export - great improvement not having AME open, but I would prefer if there was an option to automatically import the still into the PPro project.


      1080p 30fps H264 footage from my Canon SX1 IS still camera still plays back very hesitantly from the timeline with intermittent audio (Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz + Win XP Pro SP3 in 2Gb RAM).  OK if I render back to 25fps.



      Depending on others' comments, I'll submit a bug/enhancement report.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          With the beautiful wheather here, I noticed that CS4 still is not capable of swimming. That may be a new feature request.


          When will people understand that video editing is about video, not stills from a still camera?


          If you use the wrong tools, PR may not be the right application for you.


          If I need to drill a hole and only have a hammer available, it is no surprise that the job is difficult to say the least. I can always file a feature request to modify the hammer to include drilling capabilities and do it for free and better today than tomorrow. It just may not be realistic to expect that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Tried VOB import with PAL VOBs.  Picture fine.  No audio.

            Do you know the source of those VOB's? Do you know if the Audio is MPEG-2, which was, and may still be, an "optional" Audio format in PAL? As VOB's can contain a lot beyond Audio and Video, some are likely to still present problems, even if they are done to DVD-spec.



            Tried still image export - great improvement not having AME open, but I would prefer if there was an option to automatically import the still into the PPro project.


            Yes, it looks like "baby steps." At least the Export of Stills is getting back on track. This was the one Export function, where the old default, "Add to Project" came in handy. Otherwise I ground my teeth, when I forgot to uncheck it and Exported a DV-AVI. But hey, that's why there is a Delete key. For Stills, I most often DO want the Export in the Project. I would definitely submit a "Feature Request" here. I'm sure that Adobe got hammered to change the default from "Add to Project." I think that they reversed the default for CS3, but could be confused. They might have assumed that this was something that most users wanted gone, so they did not bother putting it in with 4.1 redo.



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              akribie Level 2

              Thanks, Hunt, for the nudge about the origin of the VOB files.  I've just tried again with some of my own and their audio works just fine.


              It looks as though VOBs with AC3 audio work OK on the 4.1.0 timeline, but those with MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio are silent.


              I've submitted a feature request for an option to auto-import exported stills.


              As for Harm...  silly snide remarks do you no credit. Since I've been using Premiere and related software since 1996, I think I am able to judge by now whether it meets my requirements or not.  It is a perfectly good editing technique to export stills for subsequent use on the timeline for freeze-frames etc, which is why I want to have auto-import.   And one of the items enhanced by 4.1.0 is H264 playback, which is why I found it disappointing that there seems to be no improvement in handling the type of H264 footage that I generate with my still camera, which takes extremely good 1080p footage at 30fps.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unfortunately, there are VOB's and then there are VOB's. Already, there have been several reports on some that did not work in 4.1. Most has to do with the way that the authoring program, or the hardware of a deck, played with the DVD-specs. Some are fast and loose. Then, where one could also have an Audio stream that was not AC3 (fully DVD-compliant), or PCM/WAV (mostly in PAL-land), problems can develop.


                In the meantime, you might want to look over this LINK. It's written for Encore, but most translates to PrPro, as well.


                Good luck,



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                  akribie Level 2

                  Thanks again.  I was just trying out the 'new' VOB import facility that was mentioned in the release notes for 4.1.0.


                  Up to now I've used ProCoder if I need to edit from VOBs for any reason (not often) - thus I have converted back into something more editable first.  But now and again it might save some time to edit the VOBs directly in Premiere, hence the experiment for which I thought it might help to share some results.  A quick check with GSpot first would save wasting time trying it on the timeline if it is an MPEG audio stream.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    So far, the reports in from the field, indicate that VOB's created from Encore, regardless of AC3, or PCM/WAV, are working very well. Other authoring programs - ? Only time and trial will tell.


                    Thanks for reporting on the MPEG-Audio issue. I can easily see where this could be an issue. Fortunately, in NTSC-land, it's only AC3 or WAV, but still some authoring programs create some funky VOB's. That was just a shot in the dark for me, but was based on a lot of PAL talk on the Encore forum.


                    Keep us posted,