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    security problem (sandbox?)


      Hi all


      I working with flash CS4 to create my AIR app.

      for my current project i am using ShuSA (shu-player).

      as i will explaine, you can "create" my problem without the ShuSA.


      When shu apllication run the value for File.applicationDirectory is not were the app is saved or installed.

      the path you get is for temp directory:

      C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp\xar30D8.tmp\<MyApp>.exe


      when you load .SWF file from the app location

      (C:\Program files\<MyAppFolder>\<MyApp>.exe)

      he can NOT access classes.


      I created the problem in ordinary AIR application.

      I loaded SWF file using loader class and urlrequest. when the path was a relative path or File.applicationDirectory (nativePath or url) it work.

      when i use path was absolete (D:/development/etc...) the file loaded but could not access classes.


      I know that if it was web application I could use allowdomain i try it but with no success.


      Is any one know a way to solve this issue?