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    LineChart with multiple colors



         How to create a line chart having line multiple colors.

        for suppose i have a series. for the first value line should have green color. based on the next value the color should change.

      if the next value is higher than the current value the line will have green only.

      if the next value is equal then yellow.

      if it is smaller than the current then it should have red.

      if i use fill,fills and fillFunction the whole line getting changed.

      How can i do that.

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          _Natasha_ Level 4

          You need create your own lineSegmentRenderer (style property of LineSeries).


          Hope this helpful.

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            I am a newbie in the flex world. I was looking for a solution on a typical requirement with me which somehow matches with the discussion in this thread. I have a line chart in which the line series has some data points with some value. The requirement is that when the datapoint has value of 0, the line series should be shown in the red color for that much duration which has value zero. Once it has non zero value, the line should be shown in some other color or may be default color. From the previous discussion I can make out that I have to write custom linesegmentrenderer. Can anyone help me with some code example for this situation.