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    .PPK Files and Secure FTP Connections

    apocalipsis19 Level 1

      Hi Community!


      I am having some issues establishing a secure FTP connection in ColdFusion. The error message that I get is "Invaid Private Key" and refuses the connection. Yes, "Invaid" there is a mispelling there :-)


      This is the code I am using:


      <cfftp action="open" connection="myconnection" key="\\server\web\retail\dir\privateKey.ppk" passphrase="pass" secure="yes" server="sftp.server.com" port="22" stoponerror="yes" username="theUsername">
      <cfcatch type="any">
        <cfdump var="#cfcatch#">


      I wonder what the problem is here! I'd REALLY appreciate any thougts!