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    Just Starting

    HankRoses Level 1

      Can someone help the new guy?  I've been using PP for about two months and have a problem.  I cant get my videos from my timeline onto tape.  I am using an HD50 to record digital tapes, but PP is not recognizing the unit.

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          HankRoses Level 1

          JVC BR-HD50.  It's a digital tape recorder.  I use it to capture video from my old program VT5, and am trying to get PP to recognize it so that I can do the same thing.  I am connected by IEEE.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Some folk have reported problems and not just with CS4, when trying to Export to tape. This has been for some decks and many cameras. Seems that it takes just the right equipment. Do not recall seeing your deck in those threads, but could have missed it.


            One program that seems to do very well at Exporting to tape (both decks and cameras) is CyberLink's Power Director. It's a rudimentary, consumer-oriented NLE, but this one function seems to work 99% of the time. Why? I do not know. Why does PrPro have problems? Could be a lot of things, but in the end, I do not know. It might be a viable workaround to try this program as a tool in the workflow. Do not know if they have a trial.


            Maybe someone has direct knowledge of your tape deck and can offer either a setting fix, or at least direct and useful info.


            Here's hoping, and good luck,




            PS as a first phase in troubleshooting, have you checked at the system level, that Windows is properly seeing your deck?