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    CS4 to Fireworks: Losing saturation & contrast


      Any idea why? Pulling up the same image I processed in PS, loses a lot of impact when I view the same image in Fireworks. Subsequently working the image in FW and pulling it back up in PS is remains a duller, less saturated version of my PS creation. Any ideas?   Is there a colorspace compatibility issue?  I have my CS4 set to sRGB.


      Thanks very much for any thoughts or suggestions.

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          Lou Dina Level 3

          If your original image is being edited in a wider gamut RGB space (Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc), Fireworks (which I don't use) may assume the file is sRGB.  If that is the case, it will display much duller and flatter than it appeared originally in Photoshop.  The defacto standard for the internet is sRGB, so I would recommend working in sRGB for images going to the web.  Or, work in a wider gamut space, then convert to sRGB before bringing the image into Fireworks.


          .....oops....just saw your comment that CS4 is set to sRGB.  I am not sure if Fireworks is color managed or not.  If not, it may just be displaying your file through the calibration of your monitor, without remapping the colors.  FW might even strip the profile from the file in an effort to reduce file size.  As I mentioned, I never used FW, so don't know how it does business.



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            sirthx Level 1

            Thanks, Lou.  I searched around and apparently FW does not have color mgmt control.  I'll keep searching for a potential 'fix'.  Thanks again!



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              Lou Dina Level 3



              Try editing your files in Photoshop, with your color space set to sRGB.  Then, in PS, to take the monitor profile out of the loop, choose View > Proof Setup > monitor RGB.  This will send your file to your monitor without remapping any colors.  Your monitor calibration will be active, since that is set in the OS, but colors will not be adjusted by passing through the profile.Save the file.


              The same file displayed within FireWorks or any other non-color managed application, should look identical (on a PC), since it just sends the numbers to your display without using a profile. This should solve the different display between the two programs on your own system.  Of course, people in the real world have their monitors all over the board, so they will see what they see.  But, at least your display should match between programs.



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                sirthx Level 1

                I'll do that, Lou.  And thanks again very much for the time.  Much appreciated!! :-)

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                  I have exactly the same problem which is driving me ............


                  Has anyone managed to find the solution?





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                    sirthx Level 1

                    Hey there.  There was a response posted in that thread that suggested a monitor setting (don't remember exactly what it was at the moment), but I followed the tip, saved my edits in CS4 then when I opened in FW it seems to have fixed my problem.  Go back and check that response and see if it works for you.

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                      galfvensjo Level 1

                      Hi again,



                      I seem to have solved the problem by trial and error.


                      I changed the color settings in PS to North America General Purpose 2 (a

                      standard preset in PS), saved it with the name FW (because I normally don't

                      like this setting).


                      When preparing images in PS I first use this FW setting before loading my

                      PSD's, and then resave them. And then when opening this saved psd file in FW

                      everything is as it should be.


                      I don't know if its necessary but I also changed the psd to 8 bit before



                      I hope this helps you, please let me know.



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                        Lou Dina Level 3

                        Nick, you got it.


                        FYI....the reason North America General Purpse 2 works is that it sets the standard RGB working space in Photoshop to sRGB.  Since sRGB is generally what the web expects to see, you don't see any change in brightness, saturation or color in your image when you bring it into Fireworks or post it on the web.  It's already in the right color space.  So the moral of the story is to make sure you image is saved as an sRGB image.


                        IF you are working in a different RGB color space in Photoshop, such as Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB, Then CONVERT to sRGB when you are done editing.  Then, you can open your sRGB file in Fireworks or post to the web without any issues.


                        If you want to save your images in JPG format, you need to have an 8-bit file.  JPG is not an option if working in 16 bit.  Besides, merely for web display, there is no reason for 16 bit images.  They are double the size too.  If you were working in 16 bit, no problem....just use Image > Mode > 8bit before you save the file.


                        Lots of ways to get there, but you want an sRGB, 8-bit image when all is said and done.