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    onLoadProgress Target

      I am trying to set up a loading bar within a movie clip that is loading an external image.

      When I try this code, however:

      bigImageListener.onLoadProgress = function(_target:MovieClip, _loadedBytes:Number, _totalBytes:Number):Void
      trace("target = " + _target);

      I never get the right path for the target MC. In fact, when I add

      trace("typeof = " + typeof(_target))

      I get "typeof = String" as the result. How can that be?

      I know that's not the most detailed example of code in the world,
      but has anyone seen anything like this before?

      I want to do something seemingly simple like
      _target.loadbar._xscale = amt_loaded;
      but the _target variable never points to the correct movie clip.