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    Flex & WebORB videochat problem


      Hello everyone!

      I am researching samples of videoconference applications in Flash. I found an interesting solution - using WebORB server and FLEX client application. I am using WebORB for .NET (http://www.themidnightcoders.com/products/weborb-for-net/overview.html). It comes with a sample of VideoChat application (Examples -> Flex examples -> Real time messaging (RTMP) - Video chat). When I run this sample with a few clients connected everything works correctly. But when I try to run sample with 8-10 clients I encounter several problems. Video works very slow. Then the published video stops playing, because NetStream object changes status to NetStream.Unpublish.Success. Sometimes even worse happen -  NetConnection object changes status to "NetConnection.Connect.Closed" and all videos stop playing in client.

      I have checked the logs of server. There are no critical errors in it. All disconnections are handled just like normal disconnection initiated by user. So it seems to be the problem of Flex client application. It starts working very slow and then seems to abort connections.

      My question is: what can cause such behavior? Can flash application abort connections under high load? Is there a workaround to avoid such behaviour? This happens with Flash player 10, I tried it with player 9 and behavior is the same.