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    What about Linux version ?

    Adnan Doric Level 1



      What about Linux version ?

      Adobe officially stopped working on it ?


      Eclipse is crossplatform, Flash Player is crossplatform, what's up with Flash Builder ? Why choose to build an Eclipse plugin if it is not meant to be crossplatform ?


      Does that mean that we have to move to some other technologies or at least IDE such as Intellij IDEA ?


      Maybe someone from Adobe can answer this, please?


      Flex Builder on Linux :


      Thank you in advance,


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          Hi Adnan,

          The new Flash Builder 4 Beta is not available for Linux.  However, the Flex Builder for Linux project is still available on labs at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/flexbuilder_linux/.  We have not updated the bits since last summer, but the project is still alive and we continue to monitor the community demand for a Linux product.  We do invite developers to actively provide feedback on the current Alpha product to help in this evaluation.


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            martin wood

            Any progress on the linux version would be appreciated, e.g. official support for Eclipse 3.4 (or even for 3.5 which is due for release very soon)


            Im not interested in the design tools which is where i assume you are using native code. Just the code based development tools. editors, debugger, profiler, unit testing stuff etc (and i'll happily pay for them..)


            oh and a 64-bit player debug version please.