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    not work for Alert window on Locale

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      I try to support my web sire with Locale, it work fine with title, text and label.





      verticalCenter="middle" text="{resourceManager.getString('lang', 'comm.operations')}:" fontWeight="bold" />


      But it does not work in the popup Alert window.



      "{resourceManager.getString('lang', 'login.salt.msg')}");


      May I know how to support it?




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          Gaurav J Adobe Employee

          You are probably calling the Alert.show() from the <mx:Script> block. The Script block is for actionscript code, but the curly braces binding sytax is for mxml.



          You can create the binding for resourceManager.getString('lang', 'login.salt.msg') to a variable using <mx:Binding> and then use that variable in the call to Alert.show().




          Gaurav Jain

          Flex SDK Team