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    art5000 Level 1

      I'm surprised I haven't read anything on FLV links. How would we or could we plant an flv link or source link into FC(?) via a component inspector-esque element within FC? i.e. place a component similar to FLVplayback where we click butttons to direct us to FLVs?but not embedded videos wichi could bog down the system.


      how could we do this in FC?


      GReat work ADOBE!!

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          acath Level 4

          There is no FLV component in Catalyst today, though it's a hot request for future versions. You can import a SWF that has embedded video, or, as always, import the project into Flash Builder and add video components there (check out the VideoPlayer class).



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            art5000 Level 1

            Two thumbs down. Don't see the difficulty in implementing flvplayback. It seems other relatively complex elements are in FC. Why not a HOTLY sort-after feature? Video is the way of the web. Come on Adobe, pick up that ball.

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              I'm with the original poster here, very interested in this feature being implemented and surprised it's not TBH

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                Tvoliter Adobe Employee


                     Video support is something we are currently working on and you are likely to see in the next beta. :-)


                - Ty