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    process cant be deleted

    neptas Level 1



      In workbench, I created a new process and then deleted. Now I need to create a new process with the same name as the previous I deleted, however, I get a message saying that the process already exists. This can´t be because I dont see the process in the processes view anymore. Also, if I make a "manage categories" I can see the deleted process there, however, Im not able to delete it.


      Can this be something not deleted in a database?


      thank you

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          Amal Elaine Level 1

          I've seen this before (in our case) when trying to import an archive. And it's ugly.  The archive fails midway through import but through adminUI, the server stil thinks the artifacts were imported.  No matter what you do, you cannot reimport that archive unless you rename the archive / components.  If you try to delete the archive, you get "archive doesn't exist", and if you try to reimport it, you get a message stating that the components already exist. 


          In our case, it was a problem with our DB2 server - DB Connections were not closing.  So somehow communication between LC on websphere and the DB2 server was getting interrupted.   I believe our database engineer had to implement some way to close the db connections on a schedule, not sure.  But at least that was the root cause of our problem, and it sounds like you may be experiencing the same thing.