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    Beta License term of 30 days, not very enticing !

    yoav@cyteam.com Level 1

      30 days is not sufficient to allow new delvelopers to learn and begin appreciate the platform. In fact I think any serious developer that consider a new RIA IDE, would be put off by such terms. In my opinion it takes at least 90 days for experience developers to learn a new tool and develop their first "real" application.  30 days is only good for simplistic "canned" examples and tutorials.  I don't think thats what Adobe wants.

      Ever since Flex 3 builder initial release ( with AIR etc.)  I felt that somehow Adobe is missing its opportunity to gain a major share of the RIA developers community ( not Flash & web designers but the professional SW developers of enterprise level systems) , and  it appears (to me) that even now with the amazing new tools and technologies, something is amiss in the approach, as though Adobe has given up on that major market and only expects to target its already existing and loyal followers.


      As a loyal and long time Flex developer that only wishes the best and like to see Abobe's  platform&tools becoming THE foundation and THE mainstream technology for the whole RIA & Mobile  & Media entreprise level systems & applications I voice tis opinion.



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          Hi Yoav,

          Beta testers who are already Flex Builder 3 customers will be provided an extension to continue testing the beta beyond 30 days.  Watch for communication about that soon.  The trial behavior of the beta does not necessarily reflect what we plan to support in the final.  I agree that it takes time to evaluate the platform and the tools, and we will determine the best way to support evaluators in the final release.


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            I was disappointed to see the license term of the beta is only 30 days - the trial for Flex Builder 3 is 60, why not at least do the same for this?

            I'm trying to learn Flex on my own and hopefully persuade my employer to use it in the future but I'll be sticking with the SDK and free tools at this rate. Wouldn't Adobe get more feedback and interest by making this Beta more open?