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    Dynamic Paypal button for PDF fill-in form


      Hi there,

      I need help with adding a Paypal button to a PDF fill-in form. The Paypal button should feed through the Invoice Number field (a text field) and the invoice total amount (also a text field) to Paypal and add this to the Paypal cart (not ‘buy now’, but ‘add to cart’ so that more transactions can be added after that)

      I found this thread in the Adobe LiveCycle forum that does the same thing: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/339584;jsessionid=54D973B79E04C5B30F8B4BA56D95CE3 9.node0?tstart=0

      I’ve tried to add this Javascript action to the button in Acrobat but it doesn’t work.  When I click the button, nothing happens - it doesn't launch a browser(Note I have Acrobat 8 Pro Mac which doesn't have Livecycle)

      Does anyone know what the correct Javascript should be to make this work in a PDF form?

      Help is very much appreciated