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    toc intermittently stops expanding


      I'm using Adobe Tech Comm Suite to generate the Webhelp for our product. The call seems to work, but often the TOC refuses to expand. Reloading the TOC frame fixes the problem. What are we doing wrong? The calls to the topics are in the form of links in a hint pane and are in the following format:


      <p><a class="help-link"
      onclick="openHelpWnd('  /help/KnowledgeBase.htm#kb/securitypols/Working_with_Default_Policies.htm')">Working with Default Policies
      </a> </p>

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          perttime Level 1

          We are generating helps with RoboHelp 7 and ToC (and the rest of the navigation pane) generally works fine with IE6 on XP.


          For some reason, the ToC sometimes refuses to respond on Firefox 3:

          - When the application opens the "front page" of the help, ToC works OK.

          - When the application opens a page context-sensitively, In some cases ToC does not respond at all. It is always the same parts of the application that open help with a dead ToC. Index and Search still work.


          Apparently, things get worse on Vista, or if the help is on a server and not on the user's computer.


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