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    3D Carousel in flex


      Hello All....


      Well let me start my story of coding. I am trying to develop a 3D Carousel in flex .The following is the requirement:

      1.The Icons for the application should be well spaced.

      2.The icons should automatically rotate on click of a button

      3.Once you click any icon ,it should navigate to another page (The page would be in Flex)


      I got the code for 3D Carousel in the following location :

      http://code.google.com/p/flexyahooapi/downloads/list (Thanks a lot for helping me in this)

      I made few more modifications for the code.Please find attactment of the project


      So here is my problem:


      Only the image in the center should be clickable. But when I try to click the images on the other side,they are also responding to my mouse events.

      How do I rectify it?


      Moreover the image in the Carousel are rotating such that their orientation is chaging along with  their position.

      I want all the images to face the user.How can this be achieved.

      I have spent literally days to figure this out and I am getting some wierd errors.

      Could you please help me to sort out this problem ?

      Thanks a million in advance....