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    Acrobat is unable to connect to your email program


      I've done a fair amount of research with little to no success on this issue. I am using latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird and works just fine on my WinXP machine. I am currently running Vista Ultimate. Version of Acrobat is 9.1.1 [after recent update]. I have already done the basic troubleshooting (i.e. Set Thunderbird as default mail client within Vista and Thunderbird).


      Acrobat is the only program I am having issue's with in this regard. Every other program I have recognizes Thunderbird as the default program. I've done a complete un-install w/complete registry cleanup, re-boot, re-install and update with still no light at the end of the tunnel.


      Any other idea's would be greatly appreciated....Adobe have a "Default Mail Client install program"?? I do not see any settings within Acrobat under the "Preferences" tab.


      Thank You