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    Importing xml from form into Access DB

    Trisha Long

      I have an existing Access 2003 database, and I use a form designed in Adobe LiveCycle to create xml, which I then upload into my database and append to an existing table. I would like to upload a form with multiple pages, and have each page append as a new row in the table.  (Note: I do not know visual basic...maybe the answer to my question is that I need to learn it?)  Access 2003 is not set up to import multiple xml files through its import utility (you have to import them one at a time), so I am trying a work-around.  Is it possible to design a single LiveCycle form such that each page in the form would begin as a new "row" when imported into Access?  Presumably this would require some kind of xml tag in the form header?


      Any clues are much appreciated.