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    Values Change on Formatted Field


      So we have been using adobe to render our contracts, for several years. We programmatically use APToolkit to create a PDF file. Well, rather than set document formatting within our code, we decided to pull it out and set it using the PDF. We essentially create a PDF with a bunch of fields pre-formatted to mostly numeric with 2 decimal places. We noticed what appears to be a bug in this. On a field we populate where the precision begins with a 0 and ends in a non zero, the precision is displayed backwards. Once clicked it flips to the right numbers. For example, a field populated with 1234.06 is displayed as 1,234.60 but once clicked (in reader 9) it removes the formatting and the field is displayed as 1234.06 (the correct number). Once it loses focus, formatting is applied again to display 1,234.60. The field is read only as designed. It only seems to occur on this pattern. Numbers such as 1234.60 is displayed as 1,234.60 but clicked to display 1234.6 without the trailing 0 which is fine because the fomatting is removed on focus as expected. Has anyone experienced this before?