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    Fireworks CS4 as Wireframe Tool

    gdnovey Level 1

      In the past I have used OmniGraffle for creating wireframes but soon realized some of its limitation. I work extensively with Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS4 so I thought it was only appropriate to use a tool from the same family for creating wireframes.


      Fireworks CS4 is missing (or I'm not finding) a few key features that I really need.


      1. Bulleted Lists - I need the ability to input bulleted lists. I could cheat and create graphics for the bullets but this isn't what I want. If I modify the bulleted item's text, the images won't align if the text shrinks or expands in height.
      2. Tables - I don't mean tables for page layout. I need the ability to input a table to hold data. As an example, I am creating a wireframe for a local college that is displaying course information. Information such as Course Name, Course Number, and Credits need to be included. Laying this data in a table with the headers mentioned above is what I'm searching to do.


      If anyone know how to go about doing the above, please let me know. Under a tight deadline on this one.



      Grant Novey