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    I'm experienceing a WSDL loading error after adding a FusionChart object ot a panel


      I'm writing a reporting system that allows users to select a report, enter parameters, select a chart,  then click a run button.  When the "Run" button is clicked I execute a SOAP request via AXIS2 to a J2EE server that returns the report information.  I then (dynamically) create a datagrid based on the report data and If the user's selected a chart, I create a FusionChart (dynamically) and add them to the canvas. 


      The steps in creating a report are:

      - select a report (executes a SOAP call to retrieve information about the report)

        - enter parameters (required),

        - select a chart type (optional)
      - I retrieve the data for the report via an Axis2 SOAP call to a Tomcat server running on a Linux box,
      - The data is in an Flex ArrayCollection
      - I use this data to populate both the Flex datagrid and the Fusion chart (based on users selections). 
      - If  the user selected a chart, I create the Fusion chart dynamically,
      - I create a Flex ArrayCollection to feed the Fusion chart.



      The chart and datagrid render without a problem but, the next report I select encounters the following error "Unable to load WSDL  If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL".  If I don't include the chart I don't have any problem with the WSDL.  I have posted this question on the FusionChart for Flex forums but have not had any responses other then the code I use to add the chart.



      Here is the Flex code that I use to create the Fusion chart;

      var fChart:FusionCharts = new FusionCharts;

      fChart.FCChartType = chartData.name;    // chartData.name is a value that the user selected ex. Pie3D

      var cdBuilder:ChartDataBuilder =
      new ChartDataBuilder(attribArray);  // ChartDataBuilder is a Flex class that I use
      // to generate the ArrayCollection. 
      //  attribArray is an ArrayCollestion that contains
      // the users selection (X, Y)

      fChart.FCData(cdBuilder.buildChartData(reportData));  //  buildChartDatais the method that I call to return the
      // ArrayCollection for the chart.  reportData is an
      // ArrayCollection that contains the report/graph data

      reportCanvas.addChild(fChart);        // reportCanvas is the '' control for the panel


      Again, this code works fine for the first report but the next report that I try to run I receive:

      "Unable to load WSDL. If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL."

      It never makes it to the the Fusion code it dies on the first SOAP call when trying to get information about the next report.

      If I don't select/include a chart I have no problems.