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    Enough hardware


      Viewing multiple video clips in PPro is slow, choppy, stops rendering, and frames are routinely dropped.  My desktop PC seems decent; not sure if my hardware is too slow?  Here's what I got.  Should this be enough or should I change anything out?


      I'm on CS4 and using winxp with current service packs.  This happens with and w/o 4.1 installed


      Dell dimension 8400

      Processor, 80547, Pentium 4 Prescott DT, 3.4GHZ, 1 MEGB 800FSB

      RAM 3gb

      Card, Graphics, 128, radeon X300, Server Enhanced, MRMGA8

      Intel ATA/ATAPI controllers (dma enabled)

      Hard Drive, 80GB Seagate Barracuda ATA 7.2K, st380013as - USAGE OS

      Hard Drive, 500GB, Seagate Barracuda ES SATA 3.0Gb/s, st3500630ns,  - USAGE media cache db

      Hard Drive, 1.3 tb Netgear readynas  (x-raid, 4 500gb st3500630ns) - USAGE mass storage

      Video plays OK via windows media player.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          That's about what I have and CS4 works fine for me with DV media.  I can see where things would be tough using HDV or AVCHD, though.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What format/CODEC is your media?



            CPU is older and not that powerful - AVCHD material will benefit from at least a dual or quad-core, due to the crunching of the CODEC

            Vid-card is at the lower limit - even Photoshop CS2 went to 128MB as minimum. However for NLE work, the vid-card's VRAM is less important.


            Also to consider, there is a big difference in a player playing an AV file, and an NLE working with and also playing an AV file. This is almost an "apples to oranges" situation. Some players also have their own CODEC's and can often play many things that an NLE cannot.


            Good luck,



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              That's the problem.

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                Knoby129 Level 1

                Video is from -> Sony DCR-SR42

                720x480, 29.97 fps, stereo

                MPG output(Video Codec:MPEG-2 Video, Audio Codec: AC3/AC3)


                Based on the various postings/docs written up on hardware reqs for PPro, I think I’m in the ballbark for DV media.


                When I watch task manager, my cpu’s are getting pegged after a minute or two of rendering.  This makes me believe a video card would help with more memory (currently 128mb) to help the cpu.  But there are too many video card options and I don’t want to waste money on hardware that doesn’t make things perform better.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  That is correct. For DV it should not be any problem. However, you don't have DV, you have MPEG with AC3 sound and that is where it gets tricky as you noticed.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    at least a dual or quad-core


                    Obviously, should be "duo," and not "dual," but the Edit time had expired! What's up with that, I just posted this?



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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Rather than upgrading your computer, I'd upgrade the camera.  At this time, a tape-based MiniDV model is still the best choice if you intend to edit the media.  Your camera is for the shoot-and-watch crowd.

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                        Knoby129 Level 1


                        Hum, I never thought about upgrading the camera.  This sounds more expensive that buying a new pc.  I’m not tied to the camera, but I do like the hard disk drive concept in the camera.  Never really liked swapping out tapes.  Maybe that's the core of my problems.  Does anyone have camera/model suggestions, or links to reviews? I generally film family events as well as sporting events i.e. basketball, motocross, baseball.  And I want it to be PPro CS4 compatible and would consider high definition quality.

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                          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Knoby129, you have given us some information but I am not sure where you have your Project file and a quick review of your NetGear box does not answer give me any idea of its real transfer rates.  Have you ever benchmarked the transfer rates on it?

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            would consider high definition quality.


                            In that case, you'd need to upgrade both the camera and the computer.