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    Resizing Main ToolBar in WebHelp Skins

    TanTurn Level 1



      Does anyone know how to resize the Main toolbar in WebHelp Skins in RH 8?


      I tried to reset the <frameset rows="32,*"> to <frameset rows="64,*">


      When I previewed the skin, there was no change. I tried to generate as well and still there was no change.


      I then tried to reset the values to <frameset rows="50%,*">

      I then tried to reset the values to <frameset rows="800,*">


      And the same thing occurred.


      I realise that there are two locations that the frameset row is set so I did change the value in both locations, still no success...


      I took a look at the skinny of skins help and it seems that I am doing the correct thing from the information written.

      All I want to do is add an image to the main top toolbar that is bigger than 32 pixels.


      Am I missing a pertinent step?


      Thank you,