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    When do templates post into the HTML?


      I have robohelp 7 and am inserting a script into the HTML of multiple pages just before the </body> code. When is it actually inserted? Is it upon publication. If a change is made does to the template, do I need to reapply the template to the pages? Is it applied via CSS or something?  Does the coding get applied to the frames?


      I ask this as the templates for some reason doesn't seem to be applied to the published pages. Also, the script, designed to track visits, doesn't seem to be registering the visits except for the welcome page and "skin" pages.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Gravenstein Level 2

          The template information is married to the topic when you generate output. When you do a template update, you don't need to do anything elsewhere to make the changes take effect --- no reassigning of templates or anything like that --- you will see the results when you next generate your output. (Depending on the type of change, you will also probably see the change when you open a topic in WYSIWYG view, too.) This is of course assuming that all the template changes under discussion have occurred in the template header and footer. If the changes you are referring to are in the body of the template (i.e. NOT in the header or footer), then these changes will have no effect on existing topics.



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            bigbrook Level 1

            Ok, I create a template that places a script just before the </body> - I assign the template through properties via Topic List. Then I publish it. I check the source from the server, and the script isn't there. What am I doing wrong?

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              Gravenstein Level 2

              Does your template include a header and/or footer? That's where your script has to go. If you don't have a header/footer in your template, you'll need to add one.