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    Jumpy/jerky output


      When I play videos that I have made they are very jerky and jumpy. I have tried rendering several types of video (mov, flash, wmv) and the result is always the same. When I play the video it jumps around and skips bits. Just to make this clear, I am not talking about the preview window, I am talking about the final product after rendering. (It plays fine in the preview window). Is this a common problem? What am I doing wrong?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, welcome to the Adobe forum.


          Is this a common problem?
          Some have had issues, but no, it is not a common problem.

          What am I doing wrong?

          Unforutnately, there could be many issues.


          Please tell us about your Projects. What are the Assets (please give full details) and where did they come from? What Project Presets have you been using? If more than one, please match these up to different Assets? If you need to find details on your Assets, download and install G-Spot. It will tell you all about your Assets, plus tell you about your system, regarding CODEC's.


          You mention several output formats. What settings in these formats have you used?


          Tell us more about your computer system. After problems with Assets, Project Presets and Export settings, hardware is the next big issue with similar results. Here again, the more detail that you can provide, especially your system's I/O sub-system (hard drives, size, speed, controller type), the better people will be able to diagnose problems.


          Good luck,



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            daz7887 Level 1

            Hi, and thanks for offering your help.


            Assets are the source media, right? It is a wmv file from a webcam, the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, set to HD (960x720). G-Spot gives a lot of information about the file, what exactly do you need to know?


            The timeline of my video is very simple -- it is just this one clip from the webcam split up into four smaller clips and put together with transitions in between.


            I think the project preset is PAL DV Standard.


            As for output settings, for Windows Media and Quicktime I used the "Cable Modem, DSL" preset. For Flash, it was "NTSC Flash Video 8 400K". All produce the same jumpy output.


            I am only using a laptop, 1 GB memory, 2 GHz processor, 60 MB main hard drive. I realise these specs are quite low but I have never had a problem before doing similar projects.


            As I said before, it plays smoothly in the Monitor window before exporting, just like I would want it to play after exporting. But when I tried rendering the timeline by pressing the enter key while still in edit mode, now the video in the monitor looks all jumpy, just like when I export it!

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              What frame rate is the original recording? GSpot should tell you this. If you are using a PAL project preset that is 25fps. If your WMV is not you may want to use an NTSC project preset especailly as your export is NTSC frame rate.


              The jerkiness could also be due to the compresed wmv format., you may need to convert to DV-AVI.

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                daz7887 Level 1

                The frame rate of the webcam recording is 15 fps. (Strangely enough, GSpot did not tell me that. I got it from Right Click/Properties). This is obviously not the same as the preset. Is it necessary that the Project Preset and the source media have the same frame rate?


                If I converted the wmv to DV-AVI, wouldn't that mean I would have to start the project again so I would lose all the editing I have already done?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  G-Spot gives far more info on AVI and MPEG files, than on MOV and WMV's. The Properties panel in PE, in Windows Media Player, in QT Player (Ctrl-j), etc. will give you more, depending on the Asset.


                  Before converting, you might try Interpret Footage in PE, setting the Frame Rate to match. From 15fps to say 25, or 29.97fps, might be to much, and might not help at all. A good conversion program should be able to handle this pretty well. Don't know if PE allows this, but in PrPro, you can create a custom Project with 15fps as the Frame Rate, and then Export as per your need. I do NOT think that this is possible in PE. Paul_LS, or Steve can tell you.


                  Good luck,



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                    daz7887 Level 1

                    Changing the frame rate did not work, because it made the clip a lot faster, and I don't want that.


                    In the end I had to convert the WMV file from the webcam into DV-AVI using converting software, then I made my edited video in Premiere again from scratch, using the AVI as the source instead of the WMV. Now it renders and plays fine. So it must have been the WMV that was causing the problem.


                    In future I will record video from the webcam directly into Premiere. I think that is what I did last time, so that is probably why it worked last time.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Converting to DV-AVI Type II 48KHz 16-bit Audio is always the best step, when working in PE, or PrPro. This is the format/CODEC that they are based around. While they will internally convert some formats/CODEC's, there will always be a price. Usually, this is in the form of performance, but can extend to other aspects, as well. The more "odd" the Asset, whether frame-rate, frame-size, CODEC, etc., the better it is to convert.


                      Good luck,



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                        I have a related problem - although using Premier Pro 2.


                        My source material was mpeg2 from my DV camera.


                        After exporting my project to DVD, the movement in most clips was jittery.


                        After changing each clip individually to reverse the field order, the clips are now smooth, but the video transitions (crossfades) between the clips are jittery.


                        Any help much appreciated.



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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          Yours is not a related problem, Peter. Your problem is most likely related to interlacing.


                          If you'll start your own thread (so we don't confuse your discussion with the current thread's), we'll tell you what you can do about it.