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    I can't seem to apply a list style to a snippet


      I made a snippet that contains a procedure with steps 1 to 3.  I can't seem to apply my procedure list style to the snippet.  I understand that the snippet takes on the style in the destination topic - does this mean I have to create each step as a snippet?

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          Ben Minson Level 2

          If you have a list style other than a default or you're using a class, you may need to hard code the style into the list items in the snippet so that when you insert it into the topic, the style is applied correctly.


          I've found (in RH7) that to get steps in a snippet to be numbered correctly in the middle of a procedure, I set up the steps in the snippet to be list items without any opening/closing <ol> or <ul> tags. Then, when I insert it in the topic, I click and drag it to the end of the previous step, not to a new paragraph. This makes the numbering continue correctly.