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    PE7 DVD burn problem - Conflict with PE3?


      I have just downloaded and installed PE7 as an upgrade to PE3.  During the installation PE7 did not remove PE3.   It is still available as a seelctable application.  I am using MS Windows XP Pro SP3.  The system is a Dell PWS 690 with two dual core Xeon 2.66 GHz processors, 4 GB of RAM, and about 200 GB of free disk optimized space.  The video drivers were updated to the latest version.  Everything seemed to be fine until I started to burn a DVD using an MPEG file with the project settings set to Upper Field First.


      On selecting the Share and then Disk, a small dialog box pops up stating "Could not start Disc Burning project" with OK as the only selection.  Then, on clicking OK, one of two things tend to happen.  PE7 crashes with a message saying it has to close; or it show a DVD status with the DVD drive defined correctly, and Burn button at the bottom of the screen area. If you click Burn, it says it is burning the movie, but it eventually gives an error message without ever writing to the DVD.


      If I select Share to PC, it will write the file correctly and finish with a completed status.


      In my investigation I found there was nothing amiss with the DVD drive.  On repeating the same movie using PE3, it wrote successfully to the DVD and ejected a very good quality movie.


      What's going on to cause this almost immediate rejection of the Burn to DVD process?  Does it have something to do with PE3 being bound to the DVD driver, through the installation of PE3 some time ago?  I  recall reading somewhere that there can be conflicts between applications that use a DVD drive. I have read through the FAQ "how can I work through a burn DVD problem" and nothing seems out of the ordinary.  I keep the system in good operating condition with good file management.


      Does PE7 need to be removed?  I would rather not do this until I get some assurance that it is the cause of the problem.


      Any help is very much appreciated to get PE7 up and running reliably.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Usually, the conflicts between Adobe programs and DVD burners revolve around packet-writing software, like Roxio and Nero.


          Normally, many Adobe programs, that can write to DVD can co-exist perfectly, with no conflicts. Many people have PrPro2.0, and a couple of versions of Encore on the same machine with no problems (PrPro 2.0 was the last version to also write to DVD, and later versions only did it through the respective versions of Encore). Now, I do not know about multiple versions of PE causing any problems. Someone, who has done that will have to comment. Still, it seems highly unlikely. Still, this is a situation, about which I know nothing.


          Good luck,



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            Paul_LS Level 4

            PE7 is not an upgrade as such but a full program, it will not remove PE3 when you install it. You need manually to remove PE3. However they can "live" together on the same PC. I suppose PE3 could be "hogging" your DVD drive, if you no longer need PE3 you could try removing it.


            By the way, can you burn to folder with PE7?

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              chas_M Level 1

              All problems seem to have gone away after much detective work.  Even though I had previously deleted Roxio Creator and the Sonic programs, when I examined the registry I found remnants of their existence remaining.  These entries in the registry were carefully removed, and after a reboot, PE7 was operating without problems.


              I became aware of this possibility after carefully searching the forum ... heed the advice posted frequently on this forum bout third part DVD burner SW.


              Thanks for everyone's help.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                That is good news. As you, and many others, have found out, some other burning programs can spread out tentacles all over the system and these are not easy to remove. All Adobe programs, that Burn to DVD need 100% control of the burners, and many programs hook the burners at boot-up.


                Good luck,