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    Flash Builder 4: Where is QuickFix?


      Even though the Flash Builder 4 Beta offer some "new" features for code productivity, nothing beats QuickFix. JDT's QuickFix is incredibly useful and I would like to see that kind of feature in Flash Builder. I don't understand why it's still not there, since David Zuckerman wrote an Flex Builder 2 Beta 3  (that's as far as May 2006) plugin that support a small fraction of JDT's QuickFix.

      All of those big features of Flash Builder 4 (Unit Testing, Network Monitor, etc) are great but they're not helping me to write code faster/better. And I'm writing code 90% of my day. Is Flash Builder taking the same path of Flash's Action Editor?

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          David Zuckerman (Adobe)

          I assure you, adding quick fixes has been on our feature list since I wrote that plugin.  And if it's any consolation, it's been a painful cut these last few releases.  Actually, perhaps one of the most painful. And internally, we are trying to make sure they are a prominent feature of our releases going forward.  But we feel your pain on these issues.


          Flash Builder 4 is still a beta, and I encourage you to vote for the bug that's already filed in Jira: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-11979.  The more people like you who vote for these types of advanced productivity features, they more likely it is for them to make it into the product.


          And if I get a chance, I'll update the quickfixes plugin for Flash Builder 4, but I need to sleep at some point.



          -David Zuckerman

          Computer Scientist, Flash Builder

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            PhatGun Level 1

            Hehe alright, I know what it's like. You guys did an awesome job on this release.


            I'm using FDT right now and while it's a excellent tool for coding, it lacks in some other area where Flex/Flash Builder really shine. I was hoping to replace FDT with Flash Builder, but this QuickFix thing (as you explained on your blog a while ago) is like a drug...


            I've already voted for this feature, but I'll try to bring other people's vote. (btw here's the corrected URL https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-11979 if somebody is interested)


            Thank you for your answer. Now go back to sleep!