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    Active Directory Authentication in AIR

      Ive been searching everywhere for some information on how I can automatically authenticate my air users using there active directory logins
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          jjl_2099 Level 1
          Has no one used there active directory to log users into there air apps before I realy need help with this even if its just a point to a tutorial or something.
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            jjl_2099 Level 1
            Can I please get some activity on this subject.
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              enorton@adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi jjl_2099,

              AIR does not currently support this. You can file an enchancement request (see my sig for the link). Please be sure to include a description of your use case to help "the powers that be" evaluate your request.

              Just want to make sure that you are aware of the URLRequestDefaults.setLoginCredentialsForHost() method.

              Also, if you could provide more information about what you're trying to do, perhaps more guidance could be given.

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                Hello - I also require help about using Active Directory information.

                My users will be hot-desking/ seating. Their work-flow requires them to use a suite of custom made applications (some built in AIR). Client is requesting a single log-in which will authenticate a session for all applications in the suite. i.e.
                1) User will login to Windows Profile.
                2) When user launches an application from our suite, the application seamlessly forwards unique user ID to a web service
                3) The web service authenticates the user and returns some profile data

                The unique user ID relates to Active Directory.

                Is this possible in AIR?
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                  Ok, I'm assuming a lot here so I'm prepared for a roasting if I'm talking nonsense. But if the users are hot-desking that would mean their unique My Docs etc. folders would come with them wouldn't it. Similarly any session data the Air app stores would be specific to that account wouldn't it? So couldn't you store a unique key (create one if it doesn't already exist) in the users account/folders that could be used to ID them on the web service?

                  Crazy but it may just work.
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                    Elvis_Bacon Level 1
                    My request is for retrieving the UserName and Password a user enters at the Windows User Profile Login screen

                    This is for a controlled environment (an institution), where I know all users will have profile and will need to login.

                    After the user has logged in at the Windows Profile page, they can then launch a number of AIR applications. Each one will talk to some Web Service APIs and retrieve user preferences and other data.

                    I don't want the users to have to re-enter their UserName and Password every time they launch my separate applications. Also, because they are hot-desking, I don't know who will be sitting wear.

                    I want access to basic information in the Active Directory so the user only has to login at the Windows Profile screen. Then when they launch one of my apps, the app seamlessly uses their Active Directory ID (or UserName) so that the Web Services can retrieve the appropriate information.

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                      DDubyah17 Level 1
                      I think you're out of luck reading from AD unless you write a companion .net app or similar to act as a data provider. Even then you'll have trouble matching the logged in user with their AD data. Also bear in mind that your users may not have a user friendly login name so you may have to capture one anyway. And as long as you create a unique key which is stored against each users log in you'll be able to identify them in the web service.