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    if statement question

    mentlity Level 1

      I need to find out how to code this correctly


      from the main timeline in level 0, if you load (1.swf ) in level 1


      I need  (button1) on the main timeline  to be hidden and not function while the swf in level 1 is playing. (will a button hidden still show the cursor?)


      If (1. swf) in level 1 is NOT playing than (button1) should be visible and working.



      Or I can just change the button to an mc and when the (1.swf plays) in level 1 the (mc1) should be removed


      if (1. swf) in level 1 is NOT playing than  (mc1) should be visible and functioning.




      Still grasping the if statement and I believe this can be used here but I need help on how to code it



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you'll either need to use a loop to repeatedly check if _level1 exists and, if it is, determine if its timeline is playing or use some specifics of your setup to obviate the need for the loop.


          to make a button (mc1) visible (and functioning) or not visible (and not functioning) you can use:


          mc1._visible = false;  // or true


          you can also assign its _alpha property to make it visible or not but it will always be functioning, even when not visible, if you use the _alpha property.  so, it would much more typical to use the _visible property.