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    Problems with SharedObject


      Hi guys,


      I got a prolbem with SharedObject. When I load something from sharedobject, I found that all the stored data were automatically converted to object type.

      For example, when I try to store something, I use

      var SharedObject_test:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("abc");

          SharedObject_test.data.annArray = new Array();
         SharedObject_test.data.annArray.push(var def:PlotItem = new PlotItem());



      This is ok, and the type of def in annArray is PlotItem. However, when I end the application,and run it again, and try to load def, I found the type of def in SharedObject_test.data.annArray has been converted to object. And all elments in annArray are all converted to object type. So what happend here? Can anybody help me?


      Thanks a lot