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    Apply styles to table


      Hello. Can somebody help me with simple scipt for table layout: merge selected cells, then aplly character, paragraph and cell style to merged cell?

      Now i have this:


      try {app.selection[0].appliedCharacterStyle = app.activeDocument.characterStyles.item("mystyle")}catch (e) {exit()};
      try {app.selection[0].appliedParagraphStyle = app.activeDocument.paragraphStyles.item("mystyle")}catch (e) {exit()};
      try {app.selection[0].appliedCellStyle = app.activeDocument.cellStyles.item("mystyle")}catch (e) {exit()};

      It's apply character and paragraph style, but only for text, not for cell exactly.

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          Dave Saunders Level 4

          You have to analyze what you're really trying to do. Tables don't have the paragraph and character style properties; the text in the cells of the tables do. Similarly, the cells have a cell style, not the table.


          You need something along these lines (assumes a selection inside a table and styles with the names here exist at the top level):


          var myTable = findTable(app.selection[0]);
          myTable.cells.everyItem().texts[0].appliedParagraphStyle = "myNewStyle";
          myTable.cells.everyItem().texts[0].appliedCharacterStyle = "Italic";
          myTable.cells.everyItem().appliedCellStyle = "myCellStyle";


          function findTable(obj) {
              while (obj.constructor.name != "Table") {
                  obj = obj.parent;
                  if (obj.constructor.name == "Application") {
                      throw "Can't find table"
              return obj

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            Dr.Romano Level 1

            Thanks for advice Dave, i'm really newbie in programming and miss this point about correct selection (in spite of evidential )

            Simple from specialist look's like:

            var doc = app.activeDocument;
            var myCell = doc.selection[0].merge (doc.selection[0].rows[0]);
            myCell.appliedCellStyle = doc.cellStyles.item ('style');
            myCell.texts.everyItem ().appliedCharacterStyle = doc.characterStyles.item ('style');
            myCell.texts.everyItem ().appliedParagraphStyle = doc.paragraphStyles.item ('style');

            But, in any case, every example with comments help me understand how it works...