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    Text stretch/ Still Image Motion Help!


      Hi well I'm quite new to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and just wanted some help..

      How do I do stretching text? Like in this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9HY8OWWn2w  0:03secs (video is only 10 secs) Is there any sort "video transition/effect" on premiere that will alow this?

      How do I put motion to a still image? (vertical e.g. image moves in from the bottom then comes in and stays there)

      Is there a typewriter tool?

      How do I put motion on a shape/font/pic but start it at a certain spot and then stop at where I want it to? Everytime I do this the image/shape/font just doesn't stay there it goes off. Whenever I put motion on a font or shape I usually; go create title, then roll/crawl options. Is there another way?? When I use this way and lets say I do "crawl left" it starts from the right then moves to the left and then goes off screen, it doesn't stop.


      Thank you!!