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    Imported files not showing in project, but are showing in Microsoft Explorer

      I posted this in response to an older topic in RoboHelp in HTML, but it really belongs here. I'm using RoboHelp 5 for a WebHelp project and I'm working with another writer over a shared network. I added some topics, compiled the project, and then zipped it and placed it on a shared drive. Another writer I work with extracted the zipped project to her local, imported my new topics into her existing project (which had new files that I did not have yet), zipped her project, and put it on the shared drive - that was to be the "master project" for us to start with going forward. When I extracted the zip file from the shared drive to my local, I can't see any of my new files that were imported into the project, although I can see them in the project folders in Microsoft Explorer. The other writer can work with the project on her local just fine.
      When I zipped the latest project (the one in which my files aren't visible), I got an access denied error on the CPD and LBD files.
      Any ideas?