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    Steps to make FLEX SDK 3.0 build working for Linux



        1. Take Windows Flex 3.0 SDK
        2. Copy to Linux system, go to folder Flex 3.0_SDK/b
        3. Look for file compc & mxmlc
        4. Change Dos to Unix files using command      dos2unix 


        dos2unix  compc

        dos2unix  mxmlc


        For compc : line - 47

        java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" "$@"

        change it to >> "$@" > $@

        java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" $@


        For mxmlc : line - 47

        java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/mxmlc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" "$@"

        change it to >> "$@" > $@

        java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/mxmlc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" $@



        5. Make sure before firing the build that the SDK home is given correctly in build.properties file.



        In case of any issues , please feel free to mail me your queries.




        Incase of any issues in reading the article, please see the attachment which contains a document explaing it.

        As well as build.properties & Build.xml files.